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Title: Water-harvesting for poverty reduction and sustainable resource use: Adaptation strategies to climatic change in Tigray region, Ethiopia

Theme(s) Water, Agriculture
Method(s) Regression Analysis, Economic Modelling

General Information

The project explores the economic feasibility of and impacts on household welfare of water wells and ponds to mitigate negative effects of climate change. The impacts that will be looked at are productivity, income and nutrition, as well as, positive and negative environmental externalities and health effects. Harnessing water potential at the micro-level can potentially mitigate some of the negative affects of climate change (water availability) but at the same time increases the risk of malaria in the ever expanding areas where malaria thrives. More specifically the study has the following aims:

• To explore the extent to which water harvesting in the form of water wells and ponds is contributing to increased productivity, household income and better nutrition;
• To explore the positive and negative environmental externalities and health effects associated with these interventions; and
• To explore the role of technical (e.g. design issues), institutional factors that contribute for improved outcome of the interventions.
• To explore the trade-offs of climate change mitigation strategies at the microlevel


Project Picture
Project: Ethiopia
Project Picture
Project: Ethiopia

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